How to support a family effected by congenital CMV

There are many ways you can show your concern or offer support to someone who has been affected by congenital CMV.

  • Offer to go to appointments – you can take part in the discussion, take notes or simply just listen.
  • Become informed – learn about congenital CMV. This will help you understand what your friend or family member is dealing with but be careful about offering advice.
  • Don’t be afraid to say nothing – The silence might be awkward, but simply being close to the person or holding their hand also shows you care and provides comfort.
  • Try not to do too much or take over.
  • Provide practical help.
  • Look after yourself – don’t underestimate the emotional impact of supporting someone who is dealing with their child’s congenital CMV diagnosis.
  • Be around – They’ll feel less isolated and know you care. If you are not there in person check in by phone, text or email.