2013 – 2014 Presidents Report

Thank you to all those who attended our Annual General Meeting on November 9th this year. It was great to catch up with everyone at the Neutral Bay Club where we were generously given a place to meet once again. The highlight of the meeting was the discussion surrounding congenital CMV led by Professor William Rawlinson AM, Director of both the Virology Research Laboratory and SEALS Microbiology (Virology division), The Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick. In reviewing our activities we have...


AGM Treasurers Report 8 November 2014

Congenital CMV Association of Australia AGM Treasurers Report 8 November 2014 For year ended 30th June 2014   On behalf of the Board I am pleased to present the Associations financial report for year ended 30th June 2014.  See attachments 1 & 2 for financials for this year. The current bank balance is $2,180.08. The Association has made a profit of $1,880.00.  This was made up purely of donations.  A generous one off donation of $1,000 thanks to Jen and John Higginson (Kate’s relatives) and $880...



Next week my little princess Amelie Scarlet will turn 2. What a journey these last 2 years have been. We have experienced depths of sorrow that I didn’t know were possible to utter elation and incredible joy. As a tribute to the amazing little girl she has become and to the wonderful friends, family and health professionals who have helped us every step of the way I wanted to share her story! It is long but if you do have...