Congenital CMV Association of Australia

AGM Treasurers Report 8 November 2014

For year ended 30th June 2014


On behalf of the Board I am pleased to present the Associations financial report for year ended 30th June 2014.  See attachments 1 & 2 for financials for this year.

The current bank balance is $2,180.08.

The Association has made a profit of $1,880.00.  This was made up purely of donations.  A generous one off donation of $1,000 thanks to Jen and John Higginson (Kate’s relatives) and $880 earned from our very successful Barefoot Bowls day at the last AGM.

Apart from the Barefoot Bowls day no other planned events went ahead.   Kate put her energies into other areas during the year.

We did not end up applying for charity status last year but will do so once the revised constitution is approved in this meeting.  This will encourage further donations.

We are currently getting the 2014 financials audited in order to renew our fundraising license.


We are going to keep things fairly low key this year with no official budget.

We are in the process of developing our new website through Fishvision.  Sam Ghoreyshi and Jane Clayton, a CMV family, have kindly offered to fund this project.

We will be opening an ANZ merchant facility on the new website in order to receive donations and sell awareness products.  There will be a cost associated with setup of the new facility as well as costs for setup with a merchandising company to sell the products.

Thank you to the Board for your continued support and interest in the development of the Association.  I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead.


Jacquie Evers


9 November 2014